Vintage Olympia Electric Typewriter demo – Model 50/51 A62

Demo of a VINTAGE Olympia electric typewriter. Autorepeat, push-button carriage-return, the forerunner of the modern computer! What a machine, beautiful mechanism, always had a thing for typewriters. This thing weighs a TON, it even has little wheels on the back so you can reposition it on your desk! Vintage quality. According to a plate over the power cord, it is Model 50/51 A62

When I got it it had a problem with the carriage return, it would do carriage-returns constantly unless you held the enter key down. Found out a small leather pad behind the enter key lever had fallen off and set the linkage out of adjustment. Trimmed and gooped on a square piece of rubber, good as new.

Thanks for watching!

Created By bellarmine33