XC Full Race: 2016 Kamikaze Bike Games Pro Men

FINALLY this video is ready! Is this the world-first complete XC race POV video uploaded in 4K 60fps? I think so; I’m going to claim it.

You’ll need a good Internet connection to watch this in 4K. If you watch the whole race you’ll download a total of 60 GB of data.

It took a lot of work to get this video done. It was pushing the limits of YouTube and Adobe products. It took a few customer support tickets, some workaround hackery and a few (too many) retries of that 12 hours long encoding job. Surprisingly though, the edit in Final Cut Pro was a piece of cake; Apple got their 4K pipeline dialed in.

I hope you enjoy all the pixels! All 8.3 million of them per frame, 60 times per second 🙂

About the racing, read my race report here:

• Location: Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes CA, USA
• Course Map:

• Bike:
• Tires:
• Pedals:
• Shoes:
• Helmet:
• Gloves:
• Sunglasses:
• Jersey & Bibs:
• Hydratation Pack:
• Bike GPS:
• GPS Mount:

• Helmet Camera:
• Rear Camera:
• Camera Frame:
• Camera Mount for the handlebar:
• Battery Pack:
• Another spare battery because we shred all day:
• Foam thingy to reduce wind noise:

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Created By Ben Goyette